Monday, November 13, 2006

Christmas Rush

Cobalt blue beach glass-inspired copper art wind chime with a beach stone clapper. Beautiful, and Very well made. For more information on this wind chime, or to see a wide assortment of art for the home, garden or office, Click Here.

Every year some people wait too long before ordering for Christmas. Shipping can take longer (sometimes much longer!) from Canada, and if you are thinking of ordering some unique tsk Design creations as Christmas gifts, you should order soon. I try to ship fast, but things can get hung up at the border, especially at this time of year. So shop now to assure timely delivery.

Free tsk Design earrings with sterling hooks update: I still have a few sets left. See my 'Me' page on eBay for a picture. Until I run out, every order ($75 or over) gets a pair for Free! These are Great, and would retail for around $25 easily.

So check out my great selection of home, garden and office gifts, and shop early. Thank you!


  1. Wow...I just saw the Freestanding Beach Sea Stone Copper Wind Chime.

    I am going to look at all your items, and will let you know, Tim, but that particular piece just grabs my heart!

  2. Hi Marion,
    Thanks! I have to say, I really like those too! I have several different styles, so make sure you browse (and make sure you email before making any final decision, as I would be happy to give my opinion etc.). Tim~

  3. How is my favorite glass artist?

    Glad as always to see your beautiful creations.

    All the best,

  4. Ahhhh, Tim...I can't decide...I am having such a terrible time choosing something here for my daughter...I just saw those beach stone vases!

    I am going to give Heidi your site link...and then she can choose! It won't be a surprise, but I could easily buy everything!

    Great stuff...will be in touch with you soon!

  5. Hi Marion,
    Well, that is probably very wise. Like that, you can be sure she gets something she really wants.

    Are you snowed in there too? Just got out to the post office~ impossible yesterday, and pretty tough today. Cold too!

    Best wishes~ Tim